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As Government

DEAL Foundation is committed to working in partnership with government bodies to reduce inequalities and social disadvantages faced by people with disabilities.

Working with DEAL Foundation government bodies can access support to: 

  • Consult service users and disability groups.
  • Roll out relevant government programmes aimed at improving life chances for people with disabilities.
  • Develop data and information resources on disability and development.
  • Ensure effective targeting of government resources.
  • Promote learning and best practice.
  • Improve service outcomes and reduce social inequalities.

To find out more about how DEAL can support the work of the government please Email

As Corporate Partner

Closer engagement with the corporate sector is a DEAL priority and we are committed to working in partnership to facilitate business-industry collaboration and ultimately help drive inclusive growth and development.

As Supporter/


The contribution of supporters and volunteers is vital to the DEAL programmes.  By working with DEAL, volunteers and supporters can help.

As community groups and non governmental organisation NGO Partner

DEAL Foundation recognises the important role of NGOs in community organisation and development.