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Digital financial inclusion in rural India

India has seen a vast growth in digital and financial inclusion in recent years. Today there are around 493 million active internet users in the country out of which 200 million are in rural India (Economic Times).

Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership Foundation accepted on to the Giveindia platform

Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation and Giveindia have entered into an MOU under which Giveindia will promote the work of DEAL Foundation to prospective donors and sponsors.

My Story: Girijamma

We had a chat with Girijamma about her experiences and association with DEAL Foundation

October Events Highlights

During the month, a total of 14 people with disabilities formed 3 Joint Liability Groups to examine sustainable livelihood options.

Promoting livelihoods, health and wellbeing series

Are you wondering what promotion of livelihoods has got to do with promoting health and wellbeing? While there may be many answers to this question, I will restrict myself to two views