October 2023


The first step in the development of disabled people is to survey the basin and provide information, form self-help societies, create bank accounts for the members, build savings every month and continue, and then provide trainings on dairy activities like dairy farming, beekeeping training, candle training, saffron training, paper bag training, etc. by Deal Foundation for 6 months. Then, by giving loans through the bank for self-employment of interest, financially supporting disabled people and women and making them engage in employment. It will be a matter of pride for the Deal Foundation organization if the disabled people get ahead in their lives with economic development. A self-employment centre has been set up in each taluk for the differently-abled and women. From this

Interested persons with disabilities have started their self employment at this Ask centre. They are falsifying the saying that people with disabilities cannot do anything in the society and they are recognizing that we are also financially and socially empowered.

Thus Deal Foundation has started the first farmer producer company in Mevundi village with the provision of market linkage to provide more benefits for the disabled, which is beneficial to all the disabled and women farmers in the vicinity and the Mundaragi Disabled Cooperative Sangha Surkishtha has been formed at the taluk level by bringing together all the disabled. Deal Foundation organization’s next step is to take advantage of the disabled and women up to the district level.

Thus, 802 persons with disabilities and 981 women members have been trained and engaged in sustainable livelihood activities and 1086 persons with disabilities and 366 women members have been supported through financial inclusion activities. 200 people with disabilities have been identified by the Revolving Fund to establish change makers. And Agriculture Based Farmer Produce Company approved by Government of Karnataka.

People with disabilities faced the pain of their lives and recognized themselves at the stage of achievement with a smile and shared their experiences by Virupaksha Gowad Madhur. They are good role models for other differently abled people in their Budihal village.

Similarly, Kanakappa Ramappa Uppar hails from Muktapur of Mundaragi Taluk. He was infected with polio and his limbs were crippled, which kept him out of the community. Identifying such people, Deal Foundation has provided them with a loan facility from the self-help group and made them live their lives on their own.

Deal Foundation is at the forefront of empowering disabled persons and women members in dealing with many challenges. The project’s strategic initiatives have achieved remarkable results transforming lives and promoting inclusive livelihood opportunities through collaborative efforts and the dedication of our team. All in all Deal Foundation is emerging as a beacon of hope for the lives of differently-abled and women with the collaboration of our esteemed organization in creating youth and building their lives.

Monthly Event Report 

The Deal Foundation organization conducted activities and events in the 7 taluks of Gadag district in the month of September. Details of the activities and events are as follows:

The details of the formation of the Self-Help Group for Persons with Disabilities and Women in the month of September are as follows.

In this month, a total of 10 self-help groups were formed in Mundaragi and Shirahatti taluks, with a total of 108 members. The purpose of these groups is to enable members with disabilities to engage in self-employment. They have obtained loans from the bank to pursue activities such as high-yield agriculture, cattle rearing, and various other occupations. The formation of these groups aims to empower members to be self-reliant. In Mundaragi taluk, 4 self-help groups for persons with disabilities have been formed, comprising a total of 40 members.

  1. Shri Basaveshwara Self-Help Group, representing Kallapura, with 1 representative, Basyayya Poojari, and 2 representatives, Shivamurthy Hiremath and
  2. Kavi Puttaraj Self-Help Group, representing Shirol, with 1 representative, Mainu Nadap, and 2 representatives, Kutubuj Kalal.
  3. Madina Self-Help Group, representing Madina, with 1 representative, Sainaj Begam, and 2 representatives, Jameerabano.”



Independent living through sewing

The Deal Foundation seeks Trainers for its Sewing Training Center. Established in collaboration with the Agricultural University, Dharwad.

The Sewing Training Center is located in Mevundi Village, Mundaragi Taluk training has been ongoing since the inception of the institution, offering three main courses: two months, three months, and six months in duration. Various types of sewing training are provided, including Kunchgi, Normal blouse, Umbrella Frock, School Dress pleats frock, Kulai (Baby cap), Lining Kulai (Baby cap), School Dress, Lining Blouse Chudidar and Pants. 

Individuals with disabilities interested in sewing training can receive six months of free training, while destitute women can undergo training for three months.

A survey identified and trained 10 persons with disabilities initially. Those who completed the six-month training are now engaged in self-employment.

Handicapped women self-help groups are formed, trained in sewing, and committed to establishing effective bank and market linkages. This initiative aims to provide financial inclusion services, supporting persons with disabilities and women members in starting or developing income-generating activities.

For instance, Devakka Halappa Talwar Sa// Mevundi, physically challenged and identified through a family survey, received six months of free sewing training. She joined the Sri Gauri Joint Obligation Group for Disabled Persons, obtained various trainings, secured self-employment with a bank loan, and serves as a role model for people with disabilities. Numerous disabled individuals and women are now engaged in self-employment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, trained disabled individuals seized an opportunity to produce masks for Gram Panchayats and Schools, contributing to society and generating employment.

The organization remains dedicated to creating employment opportunities for disabled individuals across various fields.

The Sewing Training Center envisions producing ready-made clothes for school children and Anganwadi children in the vicinity, expressing the need for support.

My Story by Ishwar Adiveppa Kumbara

In 7 taluks, Livelihood Officers identify the disabled and give them information about the facilities available for the disabled such as Mashasana, MR Kit, Aadhaar scheme, scholarship etc. Instill confidence that Deal Foundation will always be your backbone for you in the stand that the disabled should come forward in all fields. Information about trainings like agricultural training, dairy farming, tailoring, saffron training for self-employment etc.

DEAL Foundation organizes self-help groups for disabled people, trains them in self-employment and provides them with loan facilities from banks to build their financial lives. Thus many people with disabilities have established themselves in this society by building a sustainable livelihood. People with disabilities have expressed their opinion about the Deal Foundation organization, which was backed by Backbone for their prosperity. Then “Ishwar Adiveppa Kumbara” expressed their feelings with deal foundation.

He originally lives in Naragunda taluk of Gadag district. He belongs to a joint family. He was not mentally challenged by birth. Five years after his birth he contracted polio and as the day went by it became difficult to walk. His family gave him all the treatment from the hospital. Even that did not help and finally his left leg became disabled. This had a huge impact on him and his family as it was not easy to accept his disability.

Ishwar was able to embrace his disability in a positive light and as a means to achieve more than what he could because of the devoted support he received from his family and friends. So it helped them with their identity. However, due to his short stature and physical strength, he had to face several challenges.

As a child, his friends used to insult him at school. And they were singled out because they didn’t know that they too could participate in all the fun activities like them. He faced difficulties in going to and from school as the school was far away from his residence but successfully completed his education up to class 10 with the mindset that nothing could stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

After completing his education, the question arises as to what he should do to lead a financial life and support his family. His father used to work as a potter. But after his father’s death he was unable to continue this job because the financial situation was difficult and because of his disability it was difficult for him to move around so his family had a lot of trouble, when he didn’t know what to do next he started a small pan shop  but he had a desire to grow on a large scale but the financial situation As he was in poverty, his dream remained a dream. Meanwhile, Sangeetha, the Livelihood Officer of our Deal Foundation, Naragunda Taluk, recognized him and informed him about the work activities of Deal Foundation and raised the desire that more economic development can be achieved.

By gathering the disabled people there, Mr. Puneeth Rajkumar Vikalchetanara Self Help Society was formed and they were given several self-employment trainings such as 2016 Disability Adherence Training, Dairy Training, Agriculture Training, Kumkum Training etc. by Deal Foundation. This gave him courage to live. After the training, he got a loan facility from the bank and got the courage to grow his pan shop  on a bigger scale as per his desire so that his family can also grow in financial life.

Ishwar Kumbar has joined the Foundation in its endeavors to help build individual and community resilience and create sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities and will continue to volunteer their association to make a difference to the people around them and I will always be forever indebted to Deal Foundation for supporting many people with disabilities. action institution Vishal Chetan expressed his heartfelt words about it.

Deal Foundation is indeed doing a wonderful job of helping people with disabilities by promoting sustainable livelihood opportunities. Deal Foundation is empowering people with disabilities and their families to do more with the training provided by the organization.

It has instilled confidence and hope for a better future among the differently-abled and has contributed financially to all-round development.

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