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Foundation Years Matter

‘Every one of us is aware of the popular saying “Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow”. Therefore we are all called to help these citizens and ensure holistic development of each child. Let’s go through the blog to understand how we can contribute towards this here I would like to focus on the early intervention policies adopted to provide maximum support for children with disabilities.

A unique collaboration

A unique collaboration of its kind between University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad (UASD) and Disability Entrepreneurship and Leadership (DEAL) Foundation is set to transform lives and livelihoods for households of people with disabilities from rural backgrounds in Gadag District.

My Story: Basavannevva

We had a chat with Basavannevva about her experiences and association with DEAL Foundation

September Events Highlights

Have a look at the event highlights for September and the planned events for the forthcoming month

Health And Wellness

‘An activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.’ Just as the definition states, exercise is essential for health and fitness.