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Only Impact Matters

Above all else, Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the need for impact in a post Covid era. Everyone around the globe is looking to find meaning in the things they do.

Consultation on Covid-19 Response and Recovery

Given the severity of the Pandemic, lock-down conditions and the need to enlist a rapid response, respective stakeholders were contacted via phone over the period 24th May to 4th June 2021.

100-Days Challenge

As part of our response and recovery plan relating to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are working on…

June 2021 Event Highlights

During the month, a total of five people formed a Joint Liability Group to examine suitable livelihood options.

Eighth Series of ‘Game Of Cards Helps Promote Awareness And Community Engagement’

Welcome to the eighth and final series of ‘Game of cards helps promote awareness and community engagement’. These series were based on the nutrition card game created by Dr. Bharati Chimmad from University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad (UASD).