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Rakesh from Hubballi is determined to overcome his developmental disability which he acquired at birth. His condition means that he faces enormous hardships and challenges on a day today basis. Undeterred by the social, attitudinal and institutional barriers faced by him, Rakesh seeks to build a successful career in Financial Services.

After completing his BCA, Rakesh was offered an Internship at DEAL Programme. “I have a great passion to find work, be accepted and make something of my life, but feel that this might be almost impossible.” Rakesh said.

Through his internship with DEAL Foundation, Rakesh has been able to meet and interact with prospective employers across industries. This has helped him develop new skills, gain enough confidence and secure placement as a Financial Senior Executive with Northern Arc. ‘Rakesh’s disability did not faze us. We spoke to him at length and realised he would fit the job perfectly.” Said his line manager, Mr. Ramanathan. “Rakesh is more capable to handle workload and his enthusiasm is very impressive” said Mr. Surendra, Executive Director, DEAL Foundation. “I am thrilled to be a part of the workforce in my chosen field and am really thankful to one and all at DEAL Foundation for helping me achieve my goal.” Rakesh said.

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