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Education etiquette for children with disabilities

Education has proven to be one of the most essential aspects to sustaining livelihood. For well-educated ones, opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship etc. is highly available.

My story Basawaraj Kallappa Sangnal

We had a chat with Mr. Basawaraj Kallappa Sangnal about his life experiences and his association with DEAL Foundation.

August 2022 Event Highlights

During the month a total of 35 members formed 3 Self-Help Groups and 1 Joint Liability Group at Mundargi, Shirahatti, Lakshmeshwara and Gadag to examine suitable livelihood options.

Benefits of water to human body

While many of us acknowledge the importance of water as a multipurpose natural resource, we more often than not fail to understand the importance of drinking water and the health benefits it brings with it to the human body.

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