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Awareness acceptance and inclusion

Staff and volunteers at DEAL Foundation Mevundi swing into campaign mode to identify and reach 3000 persons with disability and 1000 women members from disadvantaged groups across Gadag District in North Karnataka by March 2023.

My Story:  Adivappa V Betageri

We had a chat with Mr. Adivappa V Betageri to understand more about himself and his association with DEAL Foundation.

December 2022 Event Highlights

During the month 80 members formed 8 self-help groups which included 40 persons with disabilities and 40 women at Mundargi, Shirahatti and Gadag taluks.

Exploring livelihood opportunities

Disability in the society is more often than not viewed as a problem that has no solution. Hence persons with disabilities are deprived of education, employment, and proper health care services.

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