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The classification of society in terms of age, religion, sex, caste, creed, power and wealth, once physical and mental ability etc. has become the reality of today.

My Story: Sharanappa Goniswami

We had a chat with Sharanappa Goniswami from Venkatapur village in Gadag district about his life experience, and his association with DEAL Foundation.

June 2022 Event Highlights

During the month 30 women formed three self-help groups in Doni, Eklasapur and Baradur villages in Gadag district to examine suitable livelihood options

Prevention is better than cure

Skin being one of the major part that protects human body, is also deemed to be one of the most sensitive aspect an individual needs to pay attention to in order to keep it healthy as it helps the skin stay in good condition for a long time.