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Aramba Svaudyog Kendra (ASK Centres)

The ASK centres that will be established by Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation across seven taluks of gadag district mainly aim at assisting persons with disabilities involve themselves in life sustaining activity such as tailoring, roti making, candle making, etc.

My Story: Hulagappa Rangappa Jondi

We had a chat with Mr. Hulagappa Rangappa Jondi to understand more about him and his association with DEAL Foundation.

September 2022 Event Highlights

During the month a total of 105 members formed 10 Self-Help Groups at Mundargi and Gadag  taluks  to examine suitable livelihood options.

Get enough sleep every night

An exhausted mind is rarely productive

A Good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects that contribute in one or more ways to leading an active and healthy life.

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